(WGHP) — Join FOX8 as we honor the men and women of our armed services in a Salute to Veterans. Veterans Day is Nov. 11. Help us to recognize those whose courage and dedication provide the freedom we’re blessed to enjoy.

Thank you for your service.

Today we’re honoring:

  • Aaron Hedgecock, US Marine Corps
  • Alan McNeil, US Army
  • Alvin Moser Jr., US Navy
  • Bert Mitchell, US Navy
  • Bill Corbett, US Army Air Force
  • C.W. Cox, US Army
  • Cecil Corbett, US Navy
  • Clifford Hearne, US Army
  • Coy Hennis , US Marine Corps
  • Daniel Hedgecock, US Marine Corps
  • Derek Atkins, US Marine Corps
  • Frank Myers, US Army Air Force
  • Hardin Bullin, US Army
  • Harry Lee Scoggins, US Army
  • Harry Sweet, US Army
  • James Barrett, US Army
  • Jeff Welborn, US Marine Corps
  • Jeremy Hutchens, US Army
  • Jimmy Everhart, US Army
  • John David Jackson, US Army
  • Johnny Rouse Jr., Army National Guard
  • Johny Stowe, US Army
  • Jonathan Welborn, US Marine Corps
  • Joseph Grizzard, US Army
  • Katrina McNeil, US Army
  • Larry Mahaffey Sr., US Army
  • Leslie “Buster” Smith & Bill Fogelman, US Army
  • M.K. Moore, US Navy
  • Marvin Driggers, US Army
  • Michael Bunn, US Army
  • Milford Bliss, US Navy
  • Paul Sumner, US Marine Corps
  • Raymond Venable, US Navy
  • Ricky Nelson, Army National Guard
  • Robert Ray Black Jr., US Army
  • Ryan Hennis, US Air Force
  • Steven Duncan, US Marine Corps
  • Tony Hines, US Army
  • Vernell Little, US Army
  • Vickie Rich, US Army
  • Willard Gannaway, US Army

Check the gallery below for photos of the veterans we’re honoring today.

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