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High Point man awarded for talking down 13-year-old with knife to throat threatening suicide

Real Heroes
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It’s not every day a person receives an award hand-delivered by the local police department, but then again, the day this award stems from wasn’t like any other day.

Antwan Sutton remember Sept. 23, 2020, well.

“I was actually lying in bed watching TV and had just turned the TV off to take a nap,” Sutton said. “And my wife was in the living room and I guess she heard the commotion.”

The commotion was coming from a small field across the street from Sutton’s home near downtown High Point. He would soon learn a 13-year-old boy had a knife to his throat and was threatening to take his own life.

“He was young,” said Sutton, a youth music minister at a local church. “I have teenagers and I can just imagine if it was mine. I hope somebody would do the same thing for me if I wasn’t around.”

“We ended up right here on the sidewalk at Meredith and Onica and that’s when I got close enough to negotiate,” Sutton said. “I’m telling him, ‘Whatever it is that you’re dealing with, I’m pretty sure it can be handled. But this isn’t the way out,’ and then the tears started flowing.”

Just then, the first officer pulled up to the scene. Gary Rene is a 16-year veteran of the force.

“When I pulled up, there were three women and Mr. Sutton, and all four individuals were surrounding the kid and the kid was crying,” Rene said. “I could see Mr. Sutton talking to the kid. And like I said before, even as soon as I exited my patrol car, that’s when I saw the kid handed the knife to Mr. Sutton.”

Sutton isn’t comfortable with the term “hero,” rather he felt he just did the right thing.

“I was just being a citizen and helping a young man and it saved him from doing something he couldn’t get back,” Sutton said.

Officers transported the teen to the local hospital so he could get the help he needed.

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