BURLINGTON, N.C. (WGHP) — Most of the time you have to choose between cool and handsome. But not with Barley!

Barley tries to have a tough guy persona, but he’s really a big ole softie! He’s a gentle, affectionate boy who loves being with people. He’s no slouch in the brain department either, he’s a great listener and knows when to sit, and he can learn plenty more.

At two years old, he’s got loads of energy. He loves being outside and running around the yard. He’s a master of sitting for treats and is happy to snuggle up and catch up on some Netflix.

Barley is looking for a loving home with a family who wants to play and snuggle as much as he goes. If you’d like to meet Barley, visit the Burlington Animal Services website or give them a call at (336) 578-0343.