Mural painted to encourage ‘hospital heroes’ at Cone Health campus

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Artwork is keeping people on the frontlines of the COVID-19 fight in Greensboro encouraged at the start and end of their shifts. 

Cone Health’s Green Vally campus, which used to be the Women’s Hospital, now features a brand-new mural designed specifically for the medical staff. The medical facility is being used exclusively to house COVID-19 patients. 

Jorge Maturino is a graphic designer with Cone Health system in Greensboro. 

“To be able to encourage them and bring a little joy to their lives through beautiful paintings with a lot of vibrant colors and making them feel happy,” Maturino said. 

He and his team came up with the design and painted the walls where employees only enter and exit the building for each shift. The mural features the Greensboro City Skyline and a Batman-style searchlight representing “hospital heroes.” The mural transitions to two walls asking staff what they feel like when they put their mask on and how they feel once they’re off. 

“I decided to do a twist on that and do the Greensboro skyline. [A colleague] inspired me to do that on top of the Jefferson Pilot [building], I put Batman’s heads just popping up and the sign coming out for the ‘HH,’ which is a T-shirt design I did for the hospital heroes,” Maturino said. 

There also an interactive wall that depicts the fight the medical staff is up against every day. 

“I had a little fun with an interactive wall that looks like they are holding a shield while there’s a shield in the background with the cape flowing behind them and they’re fighting against the bacteria monsters — coronavirus monsters,” Maturino said. 

This is one of the first-ever murals painted in this facility and Maturino says he’s glad his artwork is there to encourage and support them during these trying times.

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