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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Greensboro is being considered one of the top destinations in the country for outdoor art.

Men’s Journal ranked the Gate City within the top 10 of its recent list of cities.

“I think it’s wonderful because as an artist, you always want to make your art reach the masses,” artist Raman Bhardwaj said.

“It puts Greensboro on the map. I feel like we’re on the map for street art now. So, say I need to apply to some job in LA or something, they’ll be like, ‘oh she’s from Greensboro, remember that was on that list, oh OK cool let’s check out her stuff,’ and maybe it will give me a little leverage,” artist Jenna Rice said.

Marty Kotis, founder and CEO of Kotis Street Art, sees it as a step toward a greater feat.

“Our goal is to be the top destination from an artist perspective,” he said.

Kotis works with artists from around the world to transform the exterior of buildings.

The work on display at Red Cinemas located at 1305 Battleground Avenue showcases multiple artists.

Artists also put their creative stamp on the panels in the Kotis Street Art Outdoor Gallery located at 1316 Lees Chapel Road.

Kotis says emphasizing southern hospitality has given this area a competitive edge when trying to attract artists who could work in larger cities.

“When they come here, we show them a great time. They’re eating at our restaurants. They’re going to our brewery. I’ve actually built a loft just for them to be housed in. We give them every tool they need,” he said.

That support got them where they are today.

“It’s made it possible for me to be a fulltime artist,” Rice said.

“From one thing it leads to another and I have like more than 30 murals in Greensboro,” Bhardwaj said.

To visit the various installations in this project, visit and download the interactive map.