ALAMANCE COUNTY, N.C. (WGHP) — Ravenox in Alamance County is the company behind a growing brand that’s made in North Carolina.

When you start looking for rope, you might try to find something simple before you realize there’s so much more to choose from.

Ravenox makes every color and style.

“With our twisted ropes, we can take any three strands in different colors and twist them together to make a really unique design,” said Sean Brownlee with Ravenox. “And a lot of businesses that we sell to like that because they can come up with their own unique branding.”  

Sports teams, cruise lines and pet stores are all looking for something different, and Ravenox can supply it.

Instead of making it overseas, they use vintage machines to turn out rope here in the US.

The past year has shown, why that’s so important.

“The pandemic has taught us a lot. Supply chains have really been messed up.  We don’t import. We make everything right here. Our supply chain is short, so we can get yarn in within two to three days, and we can have it out the door the same day as rope,” Brownlee said.

They have about 25 employees between their facility in Burlington and another on the west coast.

And they’re attracting a lot of attention. Amazon named them one of their top small businesses.

They are taking something traditional and turning it in a new direction. As a veteran, Brownlee is passionate about helping others.

His company now donates a percentage of its profits to the Marine Raider Foundation as well as Operation Freedom Paws, which helps to train service dogs

“I started this business to bring manufacturing back to America, and I’m very proud that we continue to do that,” Brownlee said.