‘I’m good at helping’: Winston-Salem 6-year-old has passion for helping neighbors keep trash, recycling organized


WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (WGHP) — It started as a lesson on recycling in school. Now it’s turned into a weekly neighborhood project for a Winston-Salem 6-year-old.

With a flick of the lid and tilt of the can, 6-year-old Jordan Lee wheels his neighbor’s garbage cans down the driveway and to the curb.

“I’m good at helping and that’s just something that I like to do,” Jordan said.

Every Wednesday, Jordan walks his Keating Drive neighborhood with his parents and organizes garbage and recycling cans for Thursday pick-up.

“It is a passion for him,” said Vicki Keslar, Jordan’s mom.

When the cans are at the curb, Jordan inspects each one making sure trash doesn’t get mixed in with recycling.

“They thank me for helping them — like her over there she loves me helping her. She gave me $5 once,” Jordan said.

Jordan also likes to make sure the cans are spaced four feet apart, or as he likes to say, one Jordan apart since he’s 4 feet tall.

When Jordan isn’t sorting his neighbor’s trash, he’s playing with his toy garbage trucks or following sanitation and waste management crews through his neighborhood.

“They always wave and honk their horn for him,” Keslar said.

To city sanitation crews, Jordan’s a celebrity.

“Jordan’s a huge help. He comes out here and makes sure everything’s right and level. We can just pick it up, rock on and keep on going,” said Matthew Cheatham, Winston-Salem sanitation supervisor.

Jordan says his dream is to work for sanitation or waste management when he’s old enough and to ride in the big trucks.

“It’s just something that he truly, truly loves to do,” Keslar stated.

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