GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. (WGHP) — July 4 is a fun holiday full of good food and enjoyable celebrations.

But it can be stressful and scary for some people, including your pets.

Guilford County Animal Services released guidance for pet owners to help keep their furry friends safe and happy during the festivities. Noise, lights and vibrations from fireworks can be anxiety-inducing and make some pets want to run and hide.

It can even make some pets flee their home.

July is National Lost Pet Prevent Month. The days following Independence Day can be the busiest for animal services around the country as owners try to find their runaway pets.

So how do you help keep pets safe for the holiday?

  • Microchip your pet and make sure that information on microchips and ID tags are up to date, even for indoor pets.
  • Keep your pets at home. They aren’t going to enjoy being at fireworks shows the way people might. Leaving them at home will be better for them, especially if someone can stay with them so they’re not alone.
  • Have the blinds drawn and maybe turn on calm music or white noise if you’re leaving your pet alone. Make sure they have access to a comfortable space, like a crate.
  • Walk your pet before you leave to go celebrate.
  • Don’t let your dog out of its leash during celebrations.
  • Sniffing or eating things associated with fireworks like lighters, matches, fireworks or lighter fluid could hurt your pet. Keep them out of reach of animals.
  • If you believe your pet needs serious anxiety intervention, talk to your vet.
  • If you have livestock, make sure the fenced area is safe and secure.

With these things in mind, you can have a good time enjoying the fourth and not worry about your furry friends in the meantime.