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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — There are only three weeks to go until Christmas Day! Many homes across the Triad are nearly finished with their decorations.

Rick Flanner, of Winston-Salem, has a unique decoration style at his home on Hawthorne Road.

“I always tell everybody when they’re driving by looking for the house, look for the blue lights,” Flanner said.

Flanner has been decorating his home about every year for the past 37 years. He has a variety of decorations and always looks to add on each year.

“There’s lights in the trees, there’s icicle lights on the house, there’s laser lights in the backyard. The round balls hanging in the trees are actually bouncy balls from Walmart wrapped with lights,” Flanner said.

Even with new additions like the laser show in his backyard, the blue lights will always be most important to Flanner. They are a tribute to law enforcement and health care workers.

“The blue lights have always been my favorite. I added the snowflakes on the windows last year and I got up there with a bunch of weights to hold these deer down on the roof. I added the dripping lights last year over here and I just enjoy doing it,” Flanner said.

The lights originally went up when Flanner was raising his two children. He almost stopped for a bit, but now decorates for his grandchildren.

“When my two children moved out, I decided that I wasn’t going to do the lights anymore and my children told me, ‘Dad you have to,’ so I’ve kept it going all these years. It’s fun, I look forward to it,” Flanner said.

If you’d like to see his light display for yourself, you can find his home at 1025 S. Hawthorne Road in Winston-Salem.

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