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ARCHDALE, N.C. — Some houses in the Triad are already getting decked out for Christmas!

Our first Night Lights featured house is Renee and Tommy Williams’ home on Renny Muddy Creek Road in Archdale. 

“I decorate for Christmas every year because I love Christmas. My momma always did it and I’m just carrying on the tradition,” said Renee Williams, the homeowner.

Renee has been decorating this house for the past twenty years.

She started putting up decorations this year as early as Oct. 30. Her favorite parts of this year’s showcase are the nativity manger scene, her red, white and blue tower “tree” and the newest addition: the tunnel going over one side of their driveway.

“I’ve lived here for twenty years and have always wanted this, and this year my husband made sure I got it, and it is just wonderful, I love it!” Williams said.

“As long as I am able, it will be decorated every year. I love Christmas and you know it makes people feel good,” she said.

Renee is always looking forward to this time of year, upgrading her decorations each year, and thinking about what improvements she can make starting as early as July. 

Christmas has always been a special time for her, and she says she continues to decorate to keep the holiday spirit alive just as her mother did her entire life.

“My mother has been gone for five years now, and all our lives she tried to make Christmas special for us. And I try to carry on the tradition for her. And it’s important to keep those who pass on alive in the things they enjoyed so much, and I’m just keeping my momma alive,” Renee said.

The house is located at 6255 Muddy Creek Road, but as the season moves on, Renee is sure more of her neighbors will join in putting their decorations up, and she suggests driving down the entire road if you have the time.

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