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THOMASVILLE, N.C. — We are only two weeks away from Christmas and many homes across the Triad are getting their holiday decorations finished!

It wouldn’t be Christmas without decorations at the home of Walter and Janice Smith in Thomasville. They have been decorating their home for the last 42 years!

“Most people around know, and they come by every year to see. I broke an arm one year and I didn’t get to put anything out. Everybody called ‘Did he die?'” laughed Walter Smith.

The Smiths have many unique decorations that they acquired over the past 40 years. Locals know them for a particular dancing decoration.

“The children in the cars love to see Santa singing and dancing and Walter has a button beside his chair that when a car stops in front of the house, he pushes that button and Santa will start,” said Janice Smith.

Along with dancing Santa Claus, is a variety of different snowmen throughout the yard including one their son Justin built for them years ago, and a large nativity scene with lights throughout.

“I think the nativity scene is unique in itself because it represents exactly why we’re celebrating Christmas which is the birth of Christ. The nativity scene was purchased probably 30 years ago, it’s got quite a few years on it,” said Walter Smith.

“My favorite piece in the yard is the snowman and the reason why is because our son Justin made this for us. And my husband drilled the holes in it, and we put the lights to lighten him up some,” said Janice Smith.

It’s a tradition the Smiths don’t see them themselves slowing down with.

“It really wouldn’t be Christmas without all these decorations,” said Janice. “If people enjoy them, I don’t mind doing them,” adds Walter.

If you’d like to see the Smiths’ home for yourself and see if you can trigger the dancing Santa, you can find the home on 122 High Meadows Road in Thomasville.

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