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CLIMAX, N.C. — One of the final add-ons to a house with lots of Christmas decorations is usually a big-ticket item.

“We have been doing this since 2014 but we keep adding on and getting bigger every year. This year, we kind of wanted to go with something newer with technology,” Natasha Cox said.

For the Cox family in Climax, that item was a low-frequency FM radio transmitter hooked up along with controls to their light display.

“We started back in March or April getting everything, getting the ball rolling on how we wanted to lay it out,” Brad Cox said. “In July, we started pushing each pixel in one by one. Each pixel is assigned a different color per whatever song it might be or whatever effect you put on the element.”

It took a lot of time but and work to put everything together, but the finished product is a show unlike any other.

“When you get here, you can tune your radio to 87.9 FM, and we have 11 songs. There’s Christmas, there’s songs from kids’ movies, anything that anybody could want. We have the snowflakes on the roof which are all pixels and then the matrixes which have a lot of the singing faces which you’ll see in the songs. And the inflatables we always incorporate for our girls,” Natasha said.

The Cox family is excited to get their two girls who love the show involved.

“They love it because they’re at the age now where they want to help. So, we figure this is something we can add onto every year. They can pick songs and they can get involved.” says Natasha.

And Brad and Natasha are already looking forward to next year.

“We’re thinking 2021 already,” Brad said.

“The whole house will be outlined in pixels,” Natasha said.

“And maybe another tree or two,” Brad said.

If you’d like to see the Cox family’s Christmas show for yourself, you can find the home at 6303 N.C. 22 in Climax.

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