‘Hitting a brick wall’: Social justice groups demonstrate outside of Alamance County commissioners meeting


Another heated night on the square in downtown Graham. 

People protesting for social change and a small group of counter-protestors came head-to-head in front of the confederate monument following the Alamance County Commissioners meeting Monday night. 

“We have Trump convoys running through the streets of this otherwise vibrant county, yelling white power. That is a problem. That should not represent this beautiful community and right now it seems to do just that,” said Shon Green, a member of People for Change. 

Demonstrators say they are fighting for better representation by putting pressure on commissioners who are not looking out for everyone. 

“I really do feel like we are hitting a brick wall. That’s why we are trying to vote them out, get new people in there that is going to take heed to what the community is saying and the concerns of the people,” said Justasia Drayton, a member of Down Home North Carolina. 

When it got dark, demonstrators marched around the old county courthouse, putting them on a collision course with a small group of state supporters. 

“That Confederate statue has turned into a lightning rod, but it’s going to only draw in violence and hateful people until something changes,” said Anthony Crider, a documentarian. 

“We are bringing attention to a county that has not had attention for so long, and they’ve been able to thrive under racist policies and racist leadership once you bring that negative attention not even negative the attention it deserves they don’t want that attention they are going to want to do something about it,” said Green. 

These groups are demanding commissioners take action against the inequities they believe are plaguing their community. 

“If that’s allowed by the group of individuals that are in this building right now, then it doesn’t bode well for the county in terms of moving forward towards goals of inclusion,” said Clifton Carter, a founding member Alamance Alliance for Justice. 

Graham police told FOX8 they cited two people for assault and disorderly conduct. 

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