High Point Rockers open up suites for people working from home


With her laptop and paperwork on the table, Jenny Barnhill is once again preparing to work another day away from her Culp, Inc. office in High Point.

“It definitely lends itself to privacy and peace and you can really think and get a lot of work done here,” said Barnhill.

In this case, working away from the office means working at one of the eight suites at Truist Point, the home of High Point’s baseball team.

“It’s an absolutely lovely view and sometimes you just get tired of being stuck in the house, or you need some peace and quiet,” Barnhill said.

Caroline Keating works for the High Point Rockers. She explained the team opened their suites because they had a feeling that people were ready to change up their work from home game.

“They been having to do so many meetings from home and we thought what a great opportunity to give people the option to come out and have your meetings not at home but at the ballpark.”

The eight suites have everything you need to hit a home run with your coworkers. Plus, there’s a front-row seat to the new additions taking shape in downtown High Point. Behind the outfield, a new three-story building is going up. The first floor will hold restaurants, the other floors will be office space. Ray Gibbs is the executive director for Forward High Point, a nonprofit dedicated to bringing new developments to downtown High Point. He explained why he likes working from Truist Point.

“I can sit right in the middle of it and point out the window and say, ‘This is going there and this is going there,’ you can be right in the middle of this,” Gibbs said.

Using a suite as a home office is a hit for the renter and for the High Point Rockers.

“One of the things that’s been so important for us during the pandemic is staying relevant,” said Keating. “So, ideas like this one have been crucial to us, reminding the community that we are here.”

And folks looking for something different will return.

“Sometimes you just got to get away and have some quiet time to really do somethings,” said Gibbs.

The High Point Rockers are taking reservations for the work from “home” program. To maintain social distance, the suites are open for 1 to 4 people. For rates and other details that come with renting a suite, click here.

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