High Point police officer responds to woman’s home before sharing honest conversation, prayer

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HIGH POINT, N.C. — As Tammy Rorie watched a High Point police officer walk up her driveway on June 26, she admits feeling defensive.

“He comes across the street to my drive and is like ‘Is this the address?’ And I’m like ‘Yes, what now?’” she recalls.

Officer Shaun Plount was responding to a call about Rorie’s dog barking. He said he’s used to that response.

“People see a cop walking up their driveway, and assume something is wrong because it usually is,” he said.

What could have been a tense encounter ended instead with shared advice about the dog, and a question.

“As I went to leave she just took a moment to ask how I was doing,” Plount said, explaining that it’s not a question he gets often.

For the next 30 minutes, Rorie and Plount shared an honest conversation about race and recent unrest. Rorie, who is Black, said she was surprised by Plount’s openness.

“He actually was just real about what was going on and how he felt. And how he was also disheartened and hurt because of things that were going on that he had no control over and nor do I,” she said.

Rorie’s son came outside to join them, eventually leading the group in prayer.

“It was really surreal, because so often you see so much discord,” she said.

“It means a lot to us, we leave our family and come in and it’s hard to do that sometimes when it seems like we’re not wanted, and so for a family to reach out and to say we are wanted and appreciated and they’re concerned for us means a lot,” Plount said.

Rorie said the High Point officer is always welcome in her home.

“Whether you need water, coffee, tea just need a break or anything our home is always open and I truly mean that from the heart, and he knows that,” she said.

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