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Superheroes come in all shapes and sizes.

Clark Cummings came into the world weighing less than 1lb, 3oz. Heroic measures were taken to keep the micro-preemie alive.

At 7 months old, Clark is defying the odds and proving why he’s a hero.

“They were saying we don’t see babies as sick as Clark very often and do as well. He really is a superhero,” Blake Cummings said.

Clark didn’t have an easy start. His mother was diagnosed with placental insufficiency, an uncommon but serious complication of pregnancy.

“Every two weeks we would go in to see if he was growing and every week he wasn’t,” Becky Cummings said.

At 27 weeks, Clark was still tiny, but doctors made the decision to schedule the delivery, hopeful they had a shot of getting the breathing tube in.

Months later, Clark is off oxygen and growing big and strong.

“He is like a miracle baby. I mean he literally took everything and just kept saying what else you got,” Blake Cummings said.

It’s why the couple believes Clark Cummings may pass Clark Kent as the strongest man in the world. The “S” shield on his onesie is a reminder that he’ll never stop fighting.

Clark’s journey has taught the Cummings that the best things come in small packages.

“We’ve dodged every hurdle; we’ve jumped every hurdle. Clark has really done, he’s amazed us all,” Blake Cummings said.

Originally, the couple thought they were expecting a girl, so they selected the Wonder Woman name of Diana. When their baby boy arrived, they gladly switched their superhero-inspired name to Clark.