Greensboro couple’s food truck is a labor of ‘Nutnbutluv’

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Like a lot of couples, Dave and Lisa Kimber do life and business together.

“It’s nothing like working side by side with your best friend,” Dave says. “It’s awesome. We agree. We disagree. That’s life.”

Early in their marriage when they were trying to think of what kind of business to start, they thought about something they both enjoyed.

“I came home from work one night and opened the door and an aroma just hit me right in the face,” Dave recalls.

It was Lisa trying a new nut recipe. From there, Nutnbutluv was born.

The Kimbers set up their food truck outside malls and at festivals. And you can catch them frosting and candying nuts at football and basketball games. They say there’s nothing like seeing people try their stuff for the first time.

“We both are working full time,” Lisa explains. “But as you can see, Nutinbutluv has become a full-time job.”

We caught up with them at a game at Elon.

“We want the business to grow. Therefore, we have to sacrifice sometimes. Getting off work sometimes at 4:30 and having to be set up in another location at 5:30. We have to do what we have to do,” Dave tells us. 

They have equipment breakdowns and communication breakdowns, but they have to work through it.

“If there was an issue, we work the issue out so it won’t happen again,” he says.

“It’s all about communication and being able to listen as well as speak,” she adds. “We love being able to spend time with one another because as you can see sometimes it’s just Dave and I at the event.”

Dave and Lisa say if they have to correct one another, they do it in love.

One way they’re able to work together so well is by keeping one another laughing. They also keep in mind that they have one common goal, and the only to reach that goal is together.

“I really respect her passion for what we do. She loves Nutnbutluv with all her heart,” Dave says of Lisa.

“We both love NBL and one of the things I really love about my husband is his dedication,” she adds. “He has come up with some excellent ideas in how to grow the business. He sometimes says I’m the brain and he’s the muscle. But I think that can work vice-versa. I’m the muscle and he’s the brain.”

With every bag of nuts they sell and with every moment they spend together, the Kimbers say love is and will always be at the center.

As if working full time, and then running this business together aren’t enough, the Kimbers do ministry together. She’s a greeter at church and he sings in the choir. The Kimbers celebrate their 17th wedding anniversary this month as well.

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