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The early years of a child’s development are critical.

Just ask Mother Ashley Miller.

“I know with my son, we were noticing some things that were not necessarily like his peers. So, putting him in playschool at 2 really helped him socially interact with other kids his age,” Miller said.

That’s why Guilford County Child Development and Rockingham County Head Start are working together to prepare children under three for school later.

“What we know from high-quality early childhood environments and experiences, they do better in school,” says Rhonda Felecia Jumper, Rockingham County Schools Early Learning Head Start director.

Jumper oversees hundreds of students.

“Guilford County Development will be coming to our county and they will be opening up classrooms for infants to 3 years old. They will be administering that program

Guilford Child Development will be hiring teachers and taking applications for the 166 slots.

“Once they are in Guilford Child Development early Head Start program then once they turn three, they can pipeline or funnel into our 3-5-year-old classroom,” Jumper said.

Ultimately making a better transition into Head Start.

“They will have the high quality of education experiences of what they need,” Jumper said.

A need that Miller says is timely.

“I would definitely utilize program for my 2-year-old,” Miller said.

When the program debuts in the coming months it will be branded as Rockingham Endeavor.

Also, with enrollment activities underway it will also become a job generator for educators.