(WGHP) — Today we’re highlighting not just one Pet of the Week, but two!

Meet Georgie and Butchie! Georgie is white, and Butchie is gray and silver.

These two kittens are a bonded pair which means they would love to be adopted together.

AARF tells us that they both love playing with other cats, dogs and children. They are both housetrained and up to date on their vaccinations.

Butchie is a sweet little guy that loves to play with the foster’s large dogs. He responds to his name. After playing, his favorite past-time is cuddling on a nice lap. He sleeps in his foster’s bed.

Georgie is also a sweet loving little guy who loves to play. His great past-time is making biscuits—that’s kneading, for the uninitiated—and purring. 

To find out more about these adorable kittens, visit the AARF website at aarfws.org.