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Ghosts of Liberty performed Wednesday, April 29, for the FOX8 Home Concert Series. The event was streamed live at and on the FOX8 Facebook Page. Watch it again in the video player above.

The Ghosts of Liberty is a folk/fock act based in Greensboro.

The Ghosts of Liberty (formerly known as “Em & Ty”) comprises husband & wife duo Emma Millard (Lead Vocals, Keyboard) and Tyler Millard (Vocals, Guitar). They bring together their combined influences of blues, rock and soul- delivering a truly original package that could only be born of two people living and working under the same roof.

Tyler discovered his passion for music while losing his vision to a degenerative retinal disease- and

Emma comes from a background in multi-genre vocal performance, beginning with classical training at an early age.

While both artists have their own solo work apart from each other, they have been playing and writing together for over five years, and have a deep and abiding appreciation for how music and love can overcome any obstacle.

They are releasing their first EP this summer, 2020. However people can purchase a single, “Prologue,” released last year under “Em & Ty” on Spotify, iTunes, or Amazon music. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook @TheGhostsOfLiberty