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(WGHP) — She has an incredible singing voice and a big heart. She just needs a forever family.

Her child advocate says she’s very social and has a great personality.

“I do want to major in criminal justice,” she said. “Just the way they are helping. I have seen it so much with my friends and also myself, minor or big, they are still big because someone needs help.”

Rylie says she also wants to minor in some form of art, whether it be music, visual or education.

“She has been in care for ten years now, and I think it is time for her to find a forever home,” her child advocate said.

Rylie says she’s looking for a forever family that will accept her and encourage her self-expression.

“I can express myself and I am not judged,” she said. “Like, if I need to talk about something, I can talk about something. Someone I can depend on if I am at a game and I need to be picked up or something. Just those little things that I know that they are there for that, then they’ll be there leading up for anything else.”