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(WGHP) — After growing up in foster care, Kassidy is now using her experience as an advocate for children going through the same ups and downs she did.

She told FOX8 how she finally became part of a Forever Family.

I went into care this summer between my freshman and sophomore years. Sadly, whenever I was first put into care, I was separated from my brother, and it was really hard,” Kassidy said. “My brother was the one constant in my life… whenever he was separated from me, it was like no one at all.”

She says she had an instant connection when she first met her parents.

“I was 17 when I was adopted, and my brother was 15 whenever he was adopted. My parents set it up as a surprise,” Kassidy said.

She’s excited to meet other kids looking for a Forever Family and share her experience.

“I am hoping that I will bring some hope because I know there is possibly a family out there that they deserve because, for us, to have that support and that love it is like no other,” Kassidy said.

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