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(WGHP) — A funny, outgoing girl is looking for her forever home.

Malinah is 13-years-old. Child Advocate Courtney Mcintyre describes her as your everyday 13-year-old girl. She makes friends easily, she’s sweet and loving and loves to go out and do things.

She enjoys math, even when it’s hard, but she really loves to sing and dance.

“She’s very big into her school chour right now, and she’s really excited about that,” Courtney said.

Malinah says she’s loved music since she was little and she just can’t stop herself from dancing when the music starts playing. She’s also a girl with big dreams that match her big heart.

“I want to be a social worker. I want to help girls and other people that when they were little went through the same thing that I went through,” Malinah said.

Malinah is dreaming of a family to call her own, so she has someone she can talk to, who loves her.

You can learn more about adopting by contacting Forever Family in partnership with Seven Homes Family Foster Care.