Employees at Greensboro company focusing on fitness amid ongoing pandemic


Boise Cascade, a business in Greensboro that manufactures and distributes building materials, believes that a healthy employee makes a happy employee and a more productive employee.

Before or after work or even during their lunch break, many of their employees hit their little gym there on site.

Tim Dumont has taken the lead.

“With all the gyms closing this became a refuge for us to come to work — and it’s a privilege that we get to come to work — we also had a gym here to use,” he said.

Bodies are changing, weight loss, muscle building, and yes, a new way of eating.

“A lot of people are doing meal preps, not eating fast food anymore and preparing their meals,” Dumont said. “I’ve never seen so many vegetables in our refrigerator in the 2½ years I’ve been here.”

Dumont organized a 6-week fitness challenge for the employees. Gift cards will be given out in different categories for a little more incentive.

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