East Greensboro NOW names Greensboro Jaycees as premier sponsor of Affordable Housing Program

East Greensboro NOW

East Greensboro NOW

GREENSBORO, N.C. — East Greensboro NOW has named the Greensboro Jaycees as the premier sponsor of its Affordable Housing Program, according to a news release.

EGN released the following information:

East Greensboro NOW (EGN) is proud to name the Greensboro Jaycees as the Premier Sponsor of its Affordable Housing Program.

The Greensboro Jaycees is a young professionals’ organization that provides opportunities for servant leadership, project management, civic engagement and professional development. Their motto is “Service to humanity is the best work of life.” They are well known for service projects in the Greensboro community, supporting other community nonprofits and for bringing the popular Wyndham Golf Tournament to the city as well.

“Addressing real issues for real people is our primary focus, especially this year with all the turmoil caused by the pandemic. The pandemic has enhanced the service work that we do as an organization and our team has proven to be present for the challenge as we have supported and serviced families experiencing food insecurity to cash-based and small- business owners who are often overlooked in relief programs. Most importantly, it takes a commUNITY to serve a commUNITY”, stated Jasmine Beard, President of the Greensboro Jaycees.

Creating the right strategic partnerships is critical now more than ever to be effective in serving our community members that are most vulnerable to the pandemic.

The City of Greensboro identified “housing variety and affordability” as a priority in the GSO2040 Comprehensive Plan. The Affordable Housing Program is designed to provide quality affordable housing options in lower-wealth east Greensboro neighborhoods. Our challenge as an affordable housing developer is this: the cost to build new housing often exceeds the value of the existing housing stock in these neighborhoods. In order to overcome this challenge, EGN is partnering with donors and sponsors that will provide the “gap funding” necessary to offset the cost of new construction.

East Greensboro NOW President Mac Sims states “it’s such a rewarding feeling to facilitate our residents’ realization of home ownership.”

“Because of the generosity of funding partners, EGN can help first-time home buyers gain access to a fundamental pillar of wealth-building – owning a home. With each new home, we are able to lift the asset value in these neighborhoods.” stated Phil Barnhill, Executive Vice President.

To support helping families realize their dream of homeownership via sponsorship or donations, contact Mac Sims at (336) 275-1101 or eastgreensboronow@gmail.com.

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