During a pandemic summer, Tanglewood Park is a popular spot for RVs


FORSYTH COUNTY, N.C. — Summer vacationers are finding a cure for cabin fever by hitting the road in an RV. At Tanglewood Park RV Campground, their numbers are growing. Pam Vynalek is a park administrator at the Forsyth County park. She recalled a recent visit.

“A gentleman from Georgia bought a camper and he was our first stop. He was traveling, one of his children and grandchildren that lived here and then he was traveling on to see the others. He felt that was the safest way to visit his family,” Vynalek said.

During this pandemic summer, people want to vacation. But at the same time, they want to keep their distance. So families are turning to RVs and the numbers show it. Forysth County Marketing and Events Manager Brandi Chappell explained.

“There are a lot of campers in the United States and people want to live their life and continue to travel,” Chappell said.

The Tanglewood Park RV Campground opened in March. With the exception of April, every month has seen an increase over last year’s numbers. In the spring, Vynalek said Tanglewood was one of the few campgrounds that was welcoming visitors.

“When the pandemic hit, they had reservations across the country and the campgrounds were closed. So for a time, they had nowhere to go and we were the ones that were open,” Vynalek said.

Michael and Gloria Fry drove their RV from eastern North Carolina to Tanglewood. While they have family in the area, they are camping at Tanglewood to maintain social distance.

“We are not crowding the house up where they live. Plus they can come out here and whatever,” Michael Fry said.

Gloria prefers the natural beauty of Tanglewood while staying close to family.

“Tanglewood is so quiet. It’s peaceful. We have family in the area and we can do day visits from here,” she said.

The Fry family wishes they could keep the Tanglewood Park RV Campground a secret. Chappell said RV reservations are growing and will probably continue to go up.

“People in the RV community, they pass on that Tanglewood is a wonderful campground. We really don’t advertise that much about it,” Chappell said.

There are 44 RV campsites at Tanglewood. Most of them are booked during the Memorial Day holiday weekend and the Festival of Lights in December.

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