Don’t let the pandemic kill your Valentine’s Day; Triad business turns your romantic night out into a picnic


Love learns to adapt.

That’s business owner Betty Owens’ motto this Valentine’s Day.

“Our hashtag is ‘No table, no problem’ because we believe that you don’t have to have an actual table and a formal dinner just to have a good time, just to eat good food and just enjoy each other,” she said.

Owens is the owner of Gussied Up Picnics.

She did a soft launch before Christmas 2020 and says the response since then has been overwhelming.

“I’m considering us the bridge between the pandemic and getting back to normal life,” she said.

Owens can include items in the picnic basket that are built around a theme.

For Valentine’s Day picnic packages, items include a charcuterie board, salads, desert and champagne.

Beyond food, Owens designed the package to provide a memorable experience.

“It’s going to include a long stem red rose. We’re going to have rose petals. We’re going to have curated playlists. We’re going to be able to deliver it in our exclusive black-tie delivery,” she said.

Even though Gussied Up Picnics is a new business, Owens learned a lot about planning while serving in the United States Army.

“I was actually a logistics specialist, which is also called a supply sergeant, so even then, I was always getting all the supplies together that the soldiers needed in order to fulfill their mission, Owens said.

“That also included ceremonies. That included changes of command, which kind of can be seen like a parade of some sort, even down to coordinating picking up the food for them,” she said.

Today, instead of entrepreneur, Owens considers herself a “funpreneur.”

“This is something that people want. People want something that’s different, something new, something fresh and I’m glad that we’re able to provide it.”

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