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GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — Walking through the aisles of the Greensboro Farmers Curb Market, you’ll find staples for your kitchen along with new things to try. Over 70 vendors bring meats, vegetables, fruits, honey, eggs and other goods to 501 Yanceyville Street every week.

Everything at the market is grown or made within 100 miles. Executive Director Lee Mortensen says that gives customers a chance to get to know the people growing your food.

“You can connect with our vendors who are the farmers. We are a producer-only market,” Mortensen said.

Carolyn Hulsey is one of those producers. She is a farmer at Pine Trough Branch Farm in Reidsville who sells her products at the market. “Our supply chain is from our farm to here,” Hulsey said. “It’s more than just a place to sell, it’s a community.”

Support from the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro allows the nonprofit to sustain its food security programs that make locally grown food accessible to more people. The nonprofit has also been able to grow operations that keep customers and farmers coming back.

Steve Rivers and his wife have been selling blueberries at the market for two decades. During that time, Rivers Finest Blueberry Farm in Wentworth has expanded to sell other fruits and vegetables, as well as jams and baked goods. Rivers says the growth is thanks to customers who have become invested in their business.

“When we first started, you know, we thought we would have customers then we would go home, that would be the end of it. But it turns out to be a lot more than that. The people that you see weekly or twice weekly- they email you, they talk to you on the telephone. It’s just very, very nice to have that companionship,” Rivers said. “Your money’s not going back to big corporations. Your money is staying right here at home.”

The Greensboro Farmers Curb Market is open Wednesdays from 8:00 a.m. to noon and Saturdays from 7:30 until noon. You can also shop the market online.