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GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — The moment you walk through the doors of A Special Blend, you’re greeted by someone who is happy to see you.

The shop on West Market Street in Greensboro makes everyone feel valued while serving coffee, specialty drinks and baked goods. The nonprofit offers training and job opportunities to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The community gets a chance to see the gifts they offer.

Cameron Kidd is a barista. He completed 80 hours of training and now teaches other employees how to create items on the menu. Cameron is also a storm chaser. He displays his photographs of weather events in the store where customers can purchase them.

“I like meeting people, making awesome drinks and just getting to meet the community,” Kidd said.

Cashier Emily Merritt has been with A Special Blend since it opened in 2018. It’s her first job and one that allows her to build relationships with customers and coworkers.

“Before I started working here I didn’t have a lot of friends. Now I have so many friends,” Merritt said.

These relationships happen with help from The Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro.

This support will also help A Special Blend expand into High Point. Board member Becky Ohare says a second store is in the works. “That has been an affirmation. When a community foundation wants to support what we’re doing, we feel like we’re getting the message out that these people need to belong and that they do belong,” she said.

You can visit A Special Blend at 3900-C West Market Street in Greensboro. It is open 7 days a week. You can find more information about the menu, upcoming events and order online at