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HIGH POINT, N.C. — Marbeth Salinas is anxious to start her freshman year at Appalachian State this fall.

“I think I`m just excited to start the next chapter in my life because I feel like I learned everything I could with high school and college is going to be something completely different because I`m on my own,” Salinas said.

The High Point Central graduate is passionate about all things art. She hopes to double major in music therapy and studio art and become a Creative Arts Therapist.

“If you can express your emotions in a painting or a photograph or whatever, I think that`s what art is,” Salinas said.

Salinas admits that her senior year here at Central was challenging. She was in the IB program and determined to apply for as many scholarships as she could, including the High Point Central Class of 1960 Scholarship, administered through the High Point Community Foundation.

“It was kind of difficult because I wanted to breathe and just enjoy my senior year, but I`m glad I didn`t slack off too much,” she said.

Her hard work paid off. She found out at Awards Day she was chosen for the scholarship, which is much-needed financial help towards her college education.

“The High Point Community Foundation is really about service and stuff so I really want to continue doing service in college,” Salinas said. “Hopefully I want to help Native Americans and help people who have been sexually abused.”

$9 nine million in scholarships were awarded to students at High Point Central last spring.