GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) – Many immigrants and refugees struggle to build a life in the United States. They must find housing and employment while adjusting to a new language and a different culture.

FaithAction International House in Greensboro tailors its services to those needs. Case managers connect clients with resources like English classes, legal aid and low-cost medical services. Many times, that includes mental health support.

“They come with many traumas from their country because they’re either fleeing something or violence or crime, or just trauma in general,” Angelica Robles-Joiner said.

She helps clients work through their pain as a psychotherapist. She is also the program manager for the Immigrant Assistance Center.

The office on West Meadowview Road is located on a bus route so people in need can access services.

Interim Executive Director Jose Bernal Munoz says more people turn to the nonprofit for help during the cold weather months.

“Many of the families that we work with are seasonal agricultural workers or in construction, and they are going to experience either a reduction or complete loss of their employment during the winter months.”

A grant from The Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro allows the nonprofit to make sure clients have enough to eat. The food pantry at the center strives to provide familiar items for clients.

Erendira Mendez, who works in education advocacy and as the bridge-building manager, says the food can keep recipients connected to their heritage.

“It brings back memories or what you can pass along to generations. So having access to the type of oil you use or the type of flour for your tortillas and stuff like that are very meaningful,” Mendez said.  

FaithAction International House welcomes volunteers and donations to continue its work. You can find more information online or by calling 336-379-0037.