GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. (WGHP) – Not everyone has to be a star athlete to participate in sports, but you do need the right equipment and coaches who make it fun.

Beyond Sports provides that to 11 Title I schools in Guilford County.

Mike Kennedy and Micheala Amidon founded the nonprofit in 2021. It works to eliminate barriers elementary and middle students face to athletics.

Beyond Sports provides sporting equipment, clinics and programs to groups of students. A grant from The High Point Community Foundation will allow those programs to expand.

“Sports is such a great experience for kids to learn life lessons, how to work as a team, how to overcome obstacles, how to win and lose,” Amidon said. “The opportunity for kids to explore sports at a younger age connects them into a community, and an environment- a peer group that will help them in school and beyond.”

Beyond Sports introduces students to a different sport every week for six weeks. The activities give them a chance to find a new passion.

“We have seen kids that wanted to be introduced to new things,” Kennedy said. “We’ve seen a lot of smiles, we’ve seen a lot of laughter, we have seen a lot of just wanting to participate and not be on the sidelines.”

Oak View Elementary School in High Point is one of the schools that hosts Beyond Sports clinics during recess. Principal Bennie Bradley says he appreciates the opportunity to expose students to new experiences.

“To hear the camaraderie that’s built when they’re experiencing something together and then their reflection like ‘I might want to try that again.’ That is the joy for me – the joy of hearing laughing, hearing the excitement in their voices,” Principal Bradley said.

Beyond Sports is always looking for volunteers to get involved with clinics. To find more information, or to make a financial contribution to support its mission, visit their website.