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Celebrating Mother’s Day in person extra special for Guilford County Deputy Chief Vic Maynard

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Mother’s Day took on a whole new meaning in 2021 as more and more people get vaccinated. A year ago, the pandemic forced families to cancel celebrations. Some celebrated over the phone or even through a window.

In 2020, Guilford County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Chief Vic Maynard celebrated Mother’s Day with his 82-year-old mother Louise Maynard through a window. On Sunday he was able to see and hug her in person.

“A little thing like that is huge to her,” Maynard said. “Just to see the smile on her face.”

For more than a year no visitors were allowed inside the assisted living facility his parents reside, the Graybrier Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Archdale. Phone calls and visits to the window were as close as he could get.

“Knowing that they were there, but you can’t touch them was like they’re a thousand miles away,” he said.

He felt a thousand miles when his mother needed comfort the most.

“We were fearful that if she ever got it, it would not be good,” Maynard said.

His mother had COVID-19 and pneumonia.

“When the doctors told us she also has pneumonia too, we really felt, ‘OK this could be her time,'” he said.

She recovered from both infections. Maynard told FOX8 her strength and faith helped her make it through.

“We had faith, she had faith, the doctors did an excellent job,” he said. “She made it back to the assisted living in time for her and my dad’s 64th wedding anniversary.”

Maynard’s Mother’s Day present of a hanging flower basket took the place of what was once the only way to see her family.

“Don’t take a day for granted,” Maynard said. “If you only do a phone call to speak with them because you never know when the next COVID-19 is going to happen.”

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