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HIGH POINT, N.C. — Alcohol and Drug Services has changed a lot in its 50 years.

The dosing window and waiting room at the High Point facility tell the story well.

Addicts used to go there for medicated-assisted treatment before group or individual therapy. Now, the room is used for storage.

The High Point Community Foundation has been a huge financial help to ADS’ home office over the years and has thrown in money to replace the outside heat pump that was stolen.

It even contributed $3,000 to buy naloxone kits, which have already been credited with saving lives.

The support allows the organization to focus on another important aspect of its mission — prevention.

Janet Wright works with all ages, in all settings, to use evidence-based programming to promote healthy choices and behaviors.

“If we have prevention, if we get ahead of the problem, then we’re not going to have the problem we’re dealing with right now,” Wright said. “So, if we start teaching people how to cope with their problems, then maybe we won’t make some of the other choices of substance.”