LambdaTest launches Voices of Community, a monthly talk with testing and QA experts from across the globe

Leading experts will shed light on topics in the QA space that are close to their hearts

San Francisco, Oct. 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- LambdaTest, the leading continuous quality testing cloud platform, announced the launch of Voices of Community, a monthly talk with testing and QA experts from across the globe.

The once-in-a-month free live webinar is hosted by Manoj Kumar, VP - Developer Relations, LambdaTest. Through Voices of Community, the organization hopes to bring experts together to talk about the lessons from the past, discuss the present scenario, and talk about where the industry is headed.

“The community is at the center of everything we do at LambdaTest. Voices of Community will bring community experts to talk on topics that they hold close to their hearts. These are people who have built the platforms and tools we use day in and day out at our jobs. We can’t wait for the community to soak in all the learning,” said Manoj Kumar. Manoj is also a member of the project leadership committee for Selenium and an Appium committer.

In the first episode of Voices of Community, John Ferguson Smart, the author of the best-seller, BDD in Action, as well as Jenkins: The Definitive Guide and Java Power Tools and the creator of the Serenity BDD test automation framework joined Manoj. In the upcoming episode, the renowned testing icon and creator of Selenium WebDriver, Simon Stewart, will be joining in as the guest speaker.

“One thing that I learnt while working on Selenium is that community is the biggest factor for a project's success. More importantly, I learnt that community is also one of the biggest factors for personal success. Being able to listen and learn from other people's experience, applying lessons from their insights, learning about what works and what doesn't, and finding out about the trends in our industry helps us grow as developers and testers. That's why I'm excited to be part of "Voices of Community" by LambdaTest. I hope that you enjoy and learn from what this initiative will offer the testing community. Wishing them — and you! — every success and the best of luck! Onwards and upwards!,” said Simon Stewart, Creator, Selenium WebDriver.

“The testing and developer landscape is always in a state of flux. Being a QA in today's digital-led world means that one has to reinvent themselves constantly. The community plays a vital role as people from different walks of life can influence and nudge you to stay constantly updated. Voices of Community by LambdaTest is a great initiative that will bring experts from within the community to share the lessons from the past, discuss the present scenario, and talk about where the industry is headed,” said John Ferguson Smart, Creator, BDD Serenity.

To explore more about the Voices of Community, visit here and to register for the upcoming session with Simon Stewart, visit here.

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