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Aeroauto and Land Rotor Corporation Join Forces to Distribute the AAM Sportster: The Future is in the Hands of the Masses!

Together, we will create AAM solutions that are safe, sustainable, and accessible for all.”
— Thomas-John Veilleux

ROYAL PALM BEACH, FL, UNITED STATES, September 19, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- Aeroauto and Land Rotor Corporation announced an exclusive partnership to distribute the Land Rotor AAM Sportster, a revolutionary single-seat aircraft. This pioneering collaboration aims to bring safe, sustainable personal flight mainstream by offering 10,000 AAM Sportsters globally by 2030.

The AAM Sportster combines eight counter-rotating motors, ballistic parachutes, and multiple batteries for unmatched safety and redundancy. With safety shrouds surrounding its propellers and advanced LiDAR-assisted navigation enabling both aerial flight and ground hovercraft capabilities, the Sportster provides a uniquely accessible doorway to experiencing advanced aerial mobility. “Adding the Land Rotor AAM Sportster to our portfolio is a big win,” said Sean Borman, Aeroauto CEO. “The ultralight aircraft will drive personal flying cars closer to the reality we’ve all dreamt of since the Jetsons.”

Land Rotor will leverage Aeroauto’s expanding national sales and service network, which includes new state-of-the-art facilities at North Perry Airport in Hollywood, FL, with LaDim Aviation, North County Airport with Sky Blue Jet Aviation in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, and the soon-to-open location at Greenport International Airport in Austin, TX, and a recent agreement with FLY2RV, creating a nationwide distribution and maintenance network.

“Aeroauto shares our vision for pushing boundaries in advanced aerial mobility and has the expertise to mainstream that vision,” said Land Rotor Corporation CEO Thomas-John Veilleux. “Together, we will create AAM solutions that are safe, sustainable, and accessible for all.” Offered at $70,000, the base AAM Sportster model is an affordable personal flight vehicle. With upgraded luxury packages also available, the landmark Aeroauto-Land Rotor partnership aims to unleash the future promised by shows like The Jetsons - where everyone can fly.

About Aeroauto, Inc.:
Aeroauto is the leading eVTOL showroom/dealership and Advanced Aerial Mobility company focused on enabling safe, sustainable, and scalable mobility. With HQs in Florida, all Aeroauto showrooms are designed to provide customers with an immersive experience, allowing them to learn about the features and capabilities of eVTOL vehicles in a hands-on environment. They also offer a convenient location for customers to purchase vehicles and schedule maintenance and repair services and flight instruction.

For more information about future eVTOL dealerships, call or email Sean Borman, CEO, at info@Aeroautosales.com, Phone: 844-FLY-DRIVE (844-359-3748) or Visit www.Aeroautosales.com.

About Land Rotor Corporation:
Land Rotor Corporation is a pioneer developer and manufacturer of AAM Sportster eVTOL - a street-legal, air-worthy electric Personal Air Vehicle (PAV) and a global leader in developing aerial gaming for eSports.

For additional information, please contact www.landrotor.com, email: corporate@LandRotor.com, or call (305)432-0883

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