Man creates jet-sharing company, works with Greensboro-based HondaJet

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Growing up in Houston, Glenn Gonzales always wanted to fly.

“My mom will tell stories of how I jumped out of a tree with pillowcases tied to my neck, thinking that I could fly,” remembers Gonzales, with a smile. “So, I’ve always wanted to fly.”

He got that opportunity when he went the the US Air Force Academy and became an F-15 pilot.

“I’ve done everything in this industry from shooting missiles off of jets and dogfighting similar to Top Gun all the way through travel the world and land on some of the most austere airports in locations that you might find,” Gonzales said.

After his time in the Air Force, Gonzales worked for a while with Gulfstream and then with Honda Jet, based out of Greensboro, where he was a sales manager. He put all of that knowledge together to create Jet It, a new jet-sharing company that Gonzales feels is filing a big gap in the market. When he sold jets to corporations and individuals before, he began to hear people say:

“‘Glenn, I love this airplane – it’s a beautiful machine, it’s quiet, it’s fast but I don’t have the need for the whole aircraft. Can you help me find a partner? Can you help me find some way to bring the cost down?’ And that’s where Jet It was formed,” he said.

Jet It has cut the cost of private jet travel by almost two-thirds, making it much more affordable, particularly in these COVID-19 times when budgets are tight. But COVID-19 has also created an opportunity for Jet It, as more and more people don’t want to travel commercially, they only want to travel alone to stay healthy.

Gonzales believes in the HondaJets, built in Greensboro which can fly higher and faster than other private and most commercial jets.

“Faster and higher actually go hand-in-hand,” Gonzales said. “The opportunity to fly above the weather is also placing you above the airline traffic, it affords you a more direct route so it really is the best of both worlds. This is a tool of productivity. It gives you your life back. What we do at Jet It is we give you back your time.”

What they also do is create jobs – even in these tough economic times.

“We’ve created 34 jobs across the country in a year’s time frame,” he said.

And they’ll soon be taking the Honda and Greensboro names around the world.

“We’ll have our first airplane in southeast Asia, delivered from here in Greensboro to southeast Asia. Then we’ll move to India, then we’ll move to Europe, we’re going to Canada this year so Greensboro will be everywhere,” Gonzales said.

See which celebrity clients Jet It has and take a look inside the jet, in this edition of the Buckley Report.

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