‘Machete’ meals brings food, art and community to Greensboro

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — After growing up in Greensboro, Tal Blevins spent two decades as a tech journalist in San Francisco where he was exposed to some wonderful food.

He met his wife, Nicole, while he was out there and they recently moved back to Tal’s hometown and brought with them their love of food and the community that it can help create.

“We’ve also found out that food doesn’t just have to be slap it on the fire–maybe put a little salt on it–and it’s done. We can elevate things,” Blevins said.

And when they met Chef Kevin Cottrell, they knew they had found a kindred spirit.

Together, they’ve created something called “Machete”: a name taken from a favorite toy Kevin had as a kid.

“It’s really kind of a traveling band of supper clubs,” Blevins said.

They either go into someone’s home – or just do it at the Blevins’ house – and make a wonderful, eight, nine or ten-course meal.

“We always do a different theme for our dinners so this one is ‘Last BBQ of the summer’” Cottrell said.

Outside, another one of the Machete chefs, Chris Barnett, is firing up the charcoal.

“We’ve got a couple of things going on the grill. We’ve got a squash that we’ve got to get on here,” Barnett said.

But it’s the beef he puts on – the beef cheeks to be specific – that are the most eye-catching.

“Everyone wants the filet or they want a strip but you really find the best-tasting, cheapest cuts elsewhere,” Barnett said.

That’s the thing about Machete: it’s different and tasty without being snobby or expensive.

The other thing their meals are is art. But that’s not the goal.

“If it’s just beautiful and doesn’t taste good, that doesn’t do anybody any good,” Blevins said.

Right now, it’s just the monthly supper club where people get together and, hopefully, meet someone new as they enjoy a great meal.

But Blevins see this getting bigger.

“We think Greensboro is ready for the kind of food we’re doing here at Machete,” Blevins said.

So what is that? Find out in this edition of the Buckley Report.

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