Local filmmakers create story of faith, forgiveness

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LEXINGTON, N.C. — Landon Grant travels the world making videos and films, but he found his most fascinating story right here at home.

A friend told him about a man from Lexington named David Hedgecock and all he’d been through.

Landon met with David to hear his story and, “I pushed record on my recorder, and we heard his story for the first time and that night I was blown away.”

So much so that he decided to tell Hedgecock’s story in a feature film called “Strangled” that recently premiered in Lexington to a sold-out crowd.

That wasn’t what Hedgecock was looking for.

“David was almost embarrassed to have a movie made about his life,” said Bryant Gates, the film’s editor. “He’s just living an everyday, old country boy’s life.”

But a few years ago when both of his parents died, Hedgecock’s life was in turmoil.

He was into drugs and alcohol.

“The armed robberies are what really caught up with him,” Landon said.

Those robberies sent him to prison where he hit rock bottom and turned his life around with the help of two preachers from Greensboro.

“It is a very moving story,” Bryant said.

But, more importantly, it’s one about a conversion to faith that is genuine.

“It’s got to be real. It’s called, true repentance,” Landon said. “Just like Tom Cruise says in that movie, ‘Show me the money!’ God says, ‘Show me the fruits. Is it evident? If I put you on trial today, would you be guilty?’”

See clips of the film in this edition of The Buckley Report.

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