High Point woman raising money for life-saving new kidney

Buckley Report

HIGH POINT, N.C. (WGHP) — Robert Carter is moving to Atlanta and Debra Royster has just what he needs.

“You need some boxes?” Debra asks him.

“Yeah, I do,” Rober responds. “Do you have any packing paper?”

Debra sells Robert about 25 high-quality boxes from her space at the Brentwood Flea Market in High Point. She’s helping him realize his dream as he gets remarried. Making people’s dreams come true was once what Debra did for a living.

She worked for the Make-a-Wish Foundation until she began having health issues in 2013. She lost her right kidney in 1980 but, eight years ago, it was her left one that began to fail.

“Now you’re at stage 5,” her doctors told her. “That means you have got to go on dialysis if you want to live.”

What she really needs is a new kidney. She has to raise a lot of money for her post-transplant medications before she can get on the transplant list. Someone asks why Medicaid isn’t helping her.

“They said my husband and my income is $6K over-limit which is horrible because we’re just over the poverty line but we don’t qualify,” she answers.

She admits, she let some things get past her, when she was working and had more money.

“Oh, my goodness, yeah. I would’ve planned better,” she says, looking back at her life.

But she is determined to raise the money she needs. She has a GoFundMe account set up and then realized there was another thing she could do to help if only a little at a time.

“I was accumulating a lot of boxes,” she says. At first, she simply threw them away. “But then I thought, why don’t I just sell them at the flea market? Lots of people need boxes and I can just sell them at the flea market so that’s how it started.”

See how well that’s going, and the other traumas Debra has had to endure, in this edition of the Buckley Report.

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