GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. (WGHP) — To the thousands of people who drive by the property every week, it’s just another farm in southeastern Guilford County.

But it’s really an important piece of history that history Ron Osborne is determined to preserve.

“Because it makes us who we are, today,” Osborne said.

The land that is his farm was originally 640 acres deeded to his ancestor William Hoggatt in 1755 by King George II’s royal surveyor William Churton.

Hoggatt worked the land and handed it down to generation after generation until Ron inherited it. Soon, Ron’s oldest child and only daughter Sarah will take over. With the help of her husband Austin, Sarah will restore the 1755 log cabin to something special again. That is going to take some work, though.

“I grew up hearing stories about my grandfather,” Sarah said. “He spent a lot of time here as a child as his parents were working, staying with his aunt who lived in the house. He talks about waking up and having the cup of water by his bed frozen and having snow on his pillow because it came in through the rafters.”

That’s what happens when a house is more than 200 years old.

Now, it’s approaching 270, but Sarah, Austin and Ron are convinced it can be returned to its previous glory. 

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