Group of lawyers travel around NC, offer legal advice for free from RV

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — It’s not exactly what you expect to see at the lonely end of the parking lot.

Yet there it is: a 40-foot RV with types of law, written on the side, “workman’s comp, personal injury, criminal defense,” that sort of thing.

“So, we’ve been in Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Knightdale and here,” said Justin Osborn, as he traipses out of the RV door.

“Here,” in this case, is Greensboro.

Along with two of his three partners (hey, somebody has to mind the store) he’s sitting on a folding chair under an umbrella that extends off the RV, ready for anyone who may need some legal advice.

“What we do, what this is, is a free advice pop up,” Osborn said. “And it was important to us that everyone that comes up – regardless of income level or anything like that – gets free legal advice. If it’s more substantive or takes time we invite them on the RV. We can do this in a quiet, dignified place and we go through the documents and records and just help them in any way we can. The important part is all of this is free.”

Where are you going to get that these days?

And it’s not like they can’t get good, high-paying legal jobs. In fact, they’ve already had them – they’ve done the big-money thing – which is what allows them to do this work that helps them sleep much better at night.

“We decided that doing this, even though we are going to forego those trappings of life, we decided to do it,” Osborn said.

The firm may sound all big city: Osborn, Gambale, Beckley and Budd, but they’re really just regular guys hoping to help out their fellow man.

“That’s it, it’s marginalized people. People who, for a long time, the profession has ignored,” Osborn said. “Those are the people that we’re aiming for and trying to help by doing this.”

See how they do it – and how many people they’ve helped – in this edition of the Buckley Report.

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