Family’s ‘100 Days of Real Food’ pledge turns into a business

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It was really just something that not only sounded like fun but would be good for their family. Now, it’s the family business.

Jason and Lisa Leake wanted to eat better – more naturally. So, they pledged to do that for 100 days and now their “100 Days of Real Food” is a mini-industry.

“I had no idea I’d still be doing this so many years later,” said Lisa with a smile from her living room. “Initially, I started to change our diet for 100 days just to prove that it could be done and convince others to join us. I thought I’d go back to normal after that 100-day pledge. I never imagined I would still be here.”

She’s not only here and followed by 130,000 people on Instagram, and more than 1.6 million on Facebook, but she is now the author of three cookbooks, including New York Times best sellers. Combined with their social media, it’s definitely a full-time job.

“I’m still spending a good deal of my time developing new recipes and just trying to share tips and just really recipes out there to make this more doable,” Lisa said.

The business is going so well, Jason left his job in the corporate world to handle the business side of things. He warns that you have to be careful of a lot of imitators in the organic food world.

“There is a lot more ‘green-washing’ going on,” Jason said. “There are companies that try to make a product appear healthy with buzzwords and if you flip it over and look at its ingredients, then it might not be truly healthy.”

The Leake’s nearly 900 recipes (between their website and cookbooks) make it not just easy but affordable. One year, they lived on $125 a week – the entire family – to show that eating better can be affordable.

The three cookbooks are how-tos on not just why you should eat natural food and how to do it on a budget, but also how to recognize what is real food, what isn’t and how to prepare it easily. And, in the end, Jason and Lisa say it’s just the right thing to do.

“It’s just easier to eat what makes sense, what you are familiar with,” Jason said. “Then you don’t have to constantly wrack your brain on, ‘Is this OK to eat today?’ Because, next week, there will be a news story out to say this is the worst thing ever. It really is easier. You don’t have to follow food trends, count calories or fat grams. You just eat natural food.”

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