Family sees improvement with stem cell treatments for Greensboro girl with amnesia – ‘Caitlin Can’t Remember’ episode 25

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — It’s the kind of conversation Chris Little has had with his daughter, Caitlin, for more than three years now.

“We’re in South Dakota to see Dr. Pierce, a wonderful fellow, about stem cell therapy,” Chris tells Caitlin.

“Okay,” she responds, with a smile.

“Do you know for whom the stem cell therapy is going to be conducted, this time?” Chris asks.

“No,” she replies.

“You,” he tells her.

“This time?”

“You – this is the second time we’ve been here.”


“We were here in August of last year. You got hit in the head while doing cross-country practice. You and another girl bumped heads, she fell down a hill and whacked you pretty hard. She’s OK.”

Then, after a short pause, Chris asks her, again, “Do you know what we’re talking about?”

“Nope,” says Caitlin.

“OK,” says her father, and he starts over. “We’re talking about stem cell therapy. We’re here to see Dr. Pierce. He’s going to do some stem cell therapy to help your memory.”

This is the first treatment that has shown any promise for Caitlin. FOX8 asked Pierce why she was a good candidate for it.

“One, she’s very young,” Pierce said. “To do nothing is just a travesty – how do you do that to someone who is so young, so vibrant, so intelligent and not try to help her?”

The Littles like stem cell therapy not just because it’s holistic but because there is almost no downside.

“It’s very difficult for me to harm her,” said Pierce, and then he tells us about the work done in the 120 or so stem cell clinics around the world. “In the network, we’ve done over 25,000 patients for various treatments with stem cell treatments, we have had zero people have an issue or a problem arise from the stem cells, themselves.”

Pierce says he already sees improvement in Caitlin since his first treatment of her.

“She’s, wow, much more open, interactive, smiles, laughs. The last time she was here, she was just kind of flat. You could get her to smile every once in a while. Didn’t really interact very well – you’d ask her simple questions, you’d get very simple answers. Now, she talks your ears off,” he said.

See Caitlin in South Dakota for her second treatment in this episode of Caitlin Can’t Remember.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help the Little family.

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