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In primary elections, candidates can sometimes seem very similar.

In North Carolina’s Democratic primary for the 13th congressional district, there are a fair number of issues on which Kathy Manning and Adam Coker agree. Take protecting Social Security, for example.

“I would oppose any raising of the age for Social Security in our country,” Coker said. “I would oppose any efforts to try to ease the burdens of the wealthy and increase the burdens of working people.”

Similarly, Manning says, “I think the goal is clear: People work hard, they depend on their Social Security, we need to make sure it’s protected.”

They both say that continued health care reform is a priority as well and their positions come from experience with one of their children having a condition that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to treat.

But these two also have some real differences.

Manning is a lawyer and philanthropist with a degree from Harvard University who is proud of how that has allowed her to people in and around the 13th district.

“I’ve worked with people across the community to improve access to early childhood education with the United Way,” she notes. “I have worked for many years on projects downtown to spur economic development to make sure that our community is vibrant and can attract the new businesses we need to bring the good jobs people in this community need.”

Coker is a blue collar worker who emphasizes that in most of his speeches.

“I’m a truck driver, I raise cattle,” he says. “And I think that to win in a Republican district, we really need to have a specific candidate who can really speak to working folks issues that we’re facing.”

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