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Imagine opening your phone and seeing there’s a video message from New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees.

“Hey, Everett, this is Drew Brees. I just wanted to send you a note. I heard you played for the first time – man, I’m so pumped that you did, hope you enjoyed it. I know it’s been a tough year with coronavirus. Hopefully, I’ll have a chance to meet you someday on the field,” Drew says from what looks like his living room.

Really? Drew Brees is talking to me? Or, what if you got a video from Snoop Dogg?

“This is from your friend, Kevin, because he loves you as much as I do,” say Snoop.

It’s a relatively knew thing called, “Cameo,” taken from the term used when famous people appear, briefly, in a movie or TV show. But, in this case, they’re appearing in your life, for a few bucks.

“We’ve certainly democratized access and celebrities,” says Cameo COO, Arthur Leopold. “Previously, they were unattainable – you had to be at the right place at the right time in order to actually connect with them. Now, you go to Cameo and you’re able to connect with somebody who you, previously, weren’t able to.”

It’s pretty simple. You go to Cameo’s website and search the more than 40,000 celebrities from a variety of fields – athletes, actors, musicians, etc. – and you see the price they charge for a Cameo. If you order one, you can put in a few notes that you want them to talk about and, within a week, you (or they) have in your inbox, a video of between 30- and 90-seconds, in most cases, with the celebrity talking directly to whomever you choose, on those subjects.

“You know, it takes thirty seconds, a minute, whatever you decide you want to do,” says NASCAR champion, Bobby Labonte, who has done about a hundred Cameos for fans. “To me, it’s just a cool thing.”

Bobby recently did one for a guy’s 63rd birthday, having a little fun with how his son says he’s a great golfer but the soon is, “coming after him,” on that score. Just a lot of fun.

“For the fans, they’re getting that incredible moment that they can share and for the talent and the celebrity, it’s a great revenue stream for them,” says Leopold. “They’re able to do Cameos for charity and they’re able to connect with their fans, especially right now with the pandemic.”

Some are as inexpensive as $5 but, on average, a Cameo costs $80.

See how it all works in this edition of The Buckley Report.

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