‘Caitlin Can’t Remember’ – episode 5: Greensboro teen suffers from anterograde amnesia – is she faking it?

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — When Caitlin Little got hit on the head in cross country practice, every medical professional who saw her felt she just needed time to rest and she would heal.

The initial diagnosis was about three weeks – it would take three weeks and the symptoms would dissipate and she would slowly return to her old self.

“I realized when we were at the six-month point and she hadn’t really improved much, from that point forward, we were on our own,” said her father, Chris Little.

They saw a series of neurologists, including reaching out to some who were out-of-state.

“There was one doctor who runs a concussion clinic in Virginia who contacted us and he said, ‘I heard about the case online. I want to help you. We deal with concussions, send us the diagnostics, the imaging that you have about our case,’” remembers Chris, of his contact with the doctor last summer. “And we sent that and he sent back something else saying, ‘I’m sorry I can’t help you. I’ve never seen anything like this.’”

As hard as that was to hear, Chris said, “He was honest.”

Chris and Caitlin’s mom, Jennifer, say some doctors hinted that this may be a case where Caitlin simply doesn’t want to remember.

Jennifer doesn’t buy it.

“You know, her whole history showed that she is a goal setter and wants to have, achieve, reach her goals and achieve things,” she said. “This went completely opposite of what she would want. The child wouldn’t want to give up all her friends and relationships.”

When this went on for more than a year – no one able to provide answers and some, in the Littles’ minds, not even trying to – they began to realize they too made a mistake early on after Caitlin’s injury.

“I know that I learned a valuable lesson and that is, if I think there’s something really wrong with my child, I’m going to fight and push a lot harder,” Jennifer said.

In the meantime, the had planted the seeds of doubt in Chris and Jennifer’s minds: What if she really was faking this?

See how that came about in episode five of “Caitlin Can’t Remember.”

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