Aggies at the Goal Line: New NC A&T University program helping former students finish their degrees

Buckley Report

GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — Over the last decade or so, people have gotten used to seeing North Carolina A&T Aggies near the goal line on the football field. 

Now, Aggies who never touched the ball can find themselves crossing an academic goal line.

Aggies at the Goal Line is the A&T version of a program that the University of North Carolina system has established, system-wide. The idea is to find those former students who were close to earning their undergraduate degree and get them across that line.

“It works with students who have been gone from the university for at least two years, have earned at least 90 credit hours toward degree completion,” Program Director Carlissa Jacobs said.

And it’s not just for those folks still in their 20s.

“My oldest students have been in their 80s when they graduated from the program,” Jacobs said.

It was tailor-made for someone like Felicia Reives. She was working on her recreation administration degree at A&T in the 1980s when she left with less than a year of study left to obtain the diploma.

“Life kind of happens, and I wasn’t mature enough…to handle all of what was going on – a lot of pressures. I was on the track team, here,” Reives said.

She feels it’s important for her to set an example, even if a bit later in life.

“I have three wonderful children who all have graduated from college, and one with a master’s degree as well,” she said.

“Around 60 students enroll each semester,” Jacobs said. “So that’s a good amount of students…at the conclusion of the 2021/2022 academic year, I would think we’d be at about 200 students (who have come through the program.)”

You can contact A&T about the program at and see more on the program in this edition of the Buckley Report.

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