Michael Hennessey is the anchor of the FOX8 News at 11, which premiered on May 1, 2019.

Michael’s career with FOX8 started in the station’s Winston-Salem bureau in May 2014, where he served as the bureau chief. There, he broke some of the region’s largest and most impactful stories while developing a reputation built on trust. He’s also spearheaded FOX8’s national coverage on events ranging from major crimes, to animal attacks and natural disasters.

Prior to working with FOX8, Michael began his career in eastern North Carolina, serving as the Greenville bureau reporter for WCTI-Newschannel 12, beginning in February 2013. There, he met his wife Katie, who was raised in Greensboro.

Michael and Katie were wed before Hurricane Matthew made landfall in October 2016, when they were forced to move up their wedding date by two days as the town of Southport shut down in preparation for the storm.

Michael studied television studies as a member of the News7 team at Lyndon State College, which is now Northern Vermont University – Lyndon.

Michael enjoys speaking at public events and fundraisers, particularly those with the mission of improving the lives of our youngest generations and less fortunate.

A Newtown, Connecticut, native, Michael spends much of his time on the Piedmont Triad’s golf courses, traveling to the North Carolina coast, fishing, as well as playing and watching other sports.

In addition to seeing Michael every weeknight on the FOX8 News at 11, you’ll see some of his reporting in various shows throughout FOX8’s 11 hours of on-air news every weekday.

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