Melissa Painter pulls double-duty at FOX8. She works to save you time and money as the station’s consumer reporter and also anchors the morning show.

She was raised in Jacksonville, Florida, but claims the Piedmont-Triad as her second home because of her time as a student at Wake Forest University, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in communications.
Before making her way back to North Carolina, Melissa worked as an anchor/reporter at WBBH in Fort Myers, Florida, and at WBKO in Bowling Green, Kentucky. She was also an associate producer at WTVF in Nashville. While Melissa was in college, you may have seen her on Cable 2, the education station for Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools.

Melissa has been nominated for four Emmy awards and won two Associated Press awards.
Melissa has served on the board of directors for the Arts Council of High Point, Open Door Ministries and the High Point Community Foundation.

Melissa lives in High Point with her husband and their two daughters.

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    GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. — After Joy Thomas saw our story about lead found in the water at Southeast Guilford Middle School, she took her son to the doctor to have him tested for lead toxicity. Thankfully, the tests showed he was okay but Thomas is not satisfied. “I’m sure that one faucet isn’t the only old faucet so why aren’t they testing the other ones?” Thomas said. With the help of Greensboro Water Resources, Guilford County Schools only took one […]

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    GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. – In February, Greensboro Water Resources worked with Guilford County Schools to collect water samples at all schools and test them for lead. They only tested water from one faucet in each school. Tests showed water samples at three schools had high levels of lead. Water Resources traced the problem to the actual faucets so GCS replaced them: one at Southeast Middle, Frazier and Allen Jay and sent parents a robocall saying the water was safe. But […]

  • No further testing planned at Guilford County Schools after lead found in water

    GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. — Alice McCall teaches science at a high school in Guilford County. She saw FOX8 On Your Side’s story about high lead levels in the water at three Guilford County schools and told us she thinks more testing across the school district is needed. McCall said, “A little more methodology in the testing should be warranted, maybe not just one sink, maybe the water fountains on a systematic basis, not just one time?” The voluntary water testing […]

  • Tests find significantly high levels of lead in water at 3 Guilford County schools

    GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. — Many of our children attend school in buildings with old pipes and that puts them at risk of exposure to lead in their drinking water. But most school systems wouldn’t know it because they aren’t looking for it. That’s slowly changing. Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools was first to test for lead in their school water last year. This year Guilford County Schools partnered with Greensboro Water Resources. They collected water samples at each school to test for […]

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    There’s plenty of fun in the sun for the players at the Beach South Volleyball Club in High Point. What can spoil it? Sand. Campbell Smith says she’s learned to get used to it, but she still hopes for a better courtside tool. Can the Tesalate towel do the trick? It promises to be a sand-free towel. It’s engineered to allow sand to slip off easily. It also claims to dry quickly. The towel comes in a compact case but […]

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  • Many local schools have added door buzz-in systems

    In February, FOX8 told you that at least 47 Guilford County Schools did not have buzz-in security systems at the main entrance. All elementary and middle schools in Winston-Salem/Forsyth, Davidson and Alamance counties have the security measures in place. After our story aired, that’s quickly changing in Guilford County. The number is down to 20 Guilford County schools that currently do not have the door buzz-in system. GCS Chief Operations Officer Scott McCully says, “as parents arrive in August, they […]

  • Domestic violence initiative helps victims in High Point

    HIGH POINT, N.C. — On average, High Point police get 5,000 calls for domestic violence every year. It’s a crime that can bring deadly consequences. Ten years ago, one third of the murders in High Point happened during domestic violence. Law enforcement knew that something had to change. “If you were the victim of a burglary at home it would be the equivalent of us telling you to keep your house from getting broken into again, you need to leave […]

  • A look at how guns impact domestic violence situations locally

    GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. — North Carolina is one of 15 states that requires offenders under a domestic violence restraining order to turn over their guns to law enforcement. Lt. Cheryl Nance with the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office takes that seriously. “If we rise to the level of probable cause, we will also get a search warrant and pursue that. If we get a defendant saying I don’t have one or it’s someone else we aren’t going to be satisfied with […]

  • Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools concerned over new trend called ‘juuling’

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  • Wake Forest remembers Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s historical visit, speech

    WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Only months after Wake Forest College admitted its first black student in 1962, the college invited Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. to speak on campus. It was 30 years later that Susan Faust, an instructor and researcher Wake Forest University’s Department of Communication, found a recording of Dr. King’s speech. “It was very, very exciting. That idea of knowing over 30 years it had not been heard by anybody and that I was putting it to paper […]

  • Initiative helps eliminate inappropriate opioid prescribing by medical providers

    We trust our physicians to treat our pain, but what happens when one causes it? The North Carolina Medical Board implemented the Safe Opioid Prescribing Initiative as a proactive measure to check on medical providers writing prescriptions for opioids. Jean Brinkley is the board’s communications director. “it gives the board the opportunity to intervene. Again, it is proactive as opposed to reactive,” Brinkley said. “Instead of waiting to see if a complaint from a patient or from a family member […]